Ready to do Business in Vigo, Spain October 2023

Seafood from Canada is excited and ready to network again in Europe at the Conxemar Exhibition 2023, held in Vigo, Spain from October 3-5, 2023. 

Conxemar, also known as the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition, is considered one of the foremost shows in our industry – particularly notable as it includes the entire processing sector, from importers and exporters to cold storage and packaging. Canada's premier seafood processors and exporters will be exhibiting at our Canadian Pavilion, showcasing world-class Canadian seafood products to this flourishing European marketplace and beyond.

Exhibitor List

Biscay Seafoods Canada Ltd. Booth #4A13
Canadian Red Crab Booth #4A13
Truefoods (I. Deveau Fisheries Limited) Booth #4A13
Makivvik Corporation Booth #4A13
Ocean Choice International L.P. Booth #4A13
Whitecap International Seafood Exporters Booth #4A13

Show Walkers

International Seafood and Bait Ltd.
McGraw Seafood (2008) Inc.
South Shore Seafoods Ltd.

We cannot wait to network with friends old and new and see what Vigo, a city known for its fishing industry in its own right, has to offer. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates from the event as we, once again, showcase our signature seafood products to the world!

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