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Success Story: Progressive Packaging for PEI Companies

Packaging innovations are changing the food industry. Today, 70 percent of consumers make decisions at the last minute standing in front of supermarket shelves, searching for tastier, more innovative options. Businesses are learning to leverage packaging techniques to engage their target markets, create value and quality perception, and address food safety and environmental impact. While most package designs were retained for 7+ years in the 1990s, marketing experts now reinvasion a packaging makeover every two years.

Food Island Partnership's Food Propel program is helping P.E.I. food companies differentiate their products in a competitive marketplace with a host of a new packaging concepts. Federal and provincial funders, along with program partners, ensure that P.E.I. food entrepreneurs — including Sarah Bennetto O'Brien, Jordan McIntyre, and Martin O'Brien — can strategize with a network of packaging experts and mentors. Together, they're promoting dynamic solutions related to R&D, marketing, and manufacturing to ensure their packaging needs are met.

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