Cold hands, warm hearts

From our rural communities to our vibrant cities, thousands of livelihoods depend on harvesting wild and farmed seafood in the Northwest Atlantic… all year round.

In communities scattered along our vast and rugged coastline, the tradition of fishing is woven into the fabric of everyday life.

We are always innovating to meet the expectations of the world for high-quality, delicious seafood. Through that continuous innovation in harvesting, farming and in processing, we have built a foundation for a resilient, sustainable seafood industry.

The people who work in this industry know it takes grit and determination. It takes facing and embracing hard work that won't wait until tomorrow, even when your hands are cold. And it does get cold. But we don't mind.

Because we are warmed by the fact it's all worth it. It's a way of life for countless people and their families. It's contributing billions of dollars to our economy. It's a reason to be proud. It's the reason we love what we do.

And there is always work for those who love it.