Complex ecosystem, bountiful sea

In the deep water, beyond our continental shelf, powerful Arctic currents collide with the Gulf Stream, stirring up nutrients in our cold, pristine waters, creating ideal conditions for plankton bloom and shrimp-like krill to multiply in numbers that defy the imagination. These, in turn, drift as forage food into one of the most prolific marine ecosystems on the planet.

Our marine ecosystem is complex and varied. From the Grand Banks, to the Scotian Shelf and tides of the Bay of Fundy, to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the red shores of Prince Edward Island. The icy temperatures, purity of our inshore waters, and sheer amount of coastline also create the perfect conditions for aquaculture.

The flavour and texture of the seafood harvested from our pristine waters is legendary. And we must keep it that way. That's why we set aside over 13% of marine protected areas and marine refuges. Our way of life endures because of the ocean and the abundance of marine life it harbours. We respect the sea and everything that comes from it.

Our connection to this place runs deep.