Demanding ocean, delicate flavours

From the finest restaurants to your kitchen table, Canadian seafood is prepared and plated with confidence in more than 130 countries. Our seafood products are known internationally for their variety, distinctive flavour, and quality. Why?

It's all about the taste.

Our seafood comes from the cleanest, coldest waters in the world. And we know seafood from cold water grows slower, and tastes better.

We have sweeter tasting oysters, firmer meat from our world-famous hard-shelled lobster, and sweeter shrimp. Our Atlantic halibut has time to develop a delicious dense meat with a mild taste and firm texture. The longer growth period, paired with nutrient-rich waters, creates the perfect conditions for all our seafood – more than 160 species.

You can trust Canadian seafood is of the highest quality because we follow the most rigorous regulations for safe and sustainable harvesting of wild and cultured seafood. Much of our seafood is certified sustainable through globally recognized programs such as the Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, and Ocean Wise. It's processed in modern facilities that are registered to meet federal and international food safety and quality assurance standards.

Canadian seafood companies are highly adaptable and can process, and package products to meet your specifications, to ensure you're able to meet the demands of your market.

Atlantic Canada is strategically located on the doorstep to the North American market and has easy access to Europe and Asia from our year-round deepwater ports and international airports. Our companies have years of experience in managing export logistics to guarantee top-notch customer service and easy access to our premium products.

We've seen the future, and it's delicious.