Vast resource, sustainable approach

Bordered on three sides by oceans, Canada is home to a vast ecosystem rich in marine life. But with these riches come responsibility.

From a young child learning to mend a net, to the fisher hauling traps designed to target snow crab, to the fish farmer monitoring oxygen levels of salmon, each of us understands that our actions affect the ecosystem and the future of the seafood industry.

That's why we are committed to careful stewardship of the ocean and have become world leaders in the sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture. A vital part of that leadership is the recognition that our seafood industry continues to evolve to meet market demands for transparency.

Our fishing strategies are informed by the work of researchers and scientists. Critical decisions on fish management are based on their work, such as those related to available biomass for each species, the timing of the fishery, and the number of licenses issued to fishers in every area.

Provincial governments and the aquaculture industry have implemented detailed strategies that ensure the environmental, financial, and social sustainability of our aquaculture sector, which include regional management and aquatic animal health management plans. All seafood processing facilities in Canada are registered to meet federal and international quality assurance standards.

Every day we are identifying new ways to protect our unique and interdependent ecosystem, developing technology to improve sustainability, and adopting protocols that strengthen traceability.

Our environment is a priceless resource and we're protecting it for the future.